It’s Twisted, but I Just Can’t Get Enough

I love to read all different types of genres, and when I find something that captivates me, I feel a need to share. The author I am recommending may technically be in the “thriller” category, but I don’t think a single classification could describe her writing style. Meghan O’Flynn writes in a way that transcends genres. Her books, specifically her Ash Park series, are not only entertaining with their dark and twisted plots, but there is also passion, love, humor, and a stylistic approach that allows the reader to feel like they are in the mind of the characters. As I read this series, I felt connected to each character because they were raw and vulnerable. The stories this author tells are believable and relatable as well as chilling because of their realistic nature. The scariest stories are the ones that could actually happen, and the Ash Park series takes that to a whole other level.
This series is great because of the true-crime narrative as well as the dark humor that, at times, is so wrong it feels right. There are things in this world that people shy away from talking about, and this author brings them to light and lets the reader know that these struggles are real, and that is what makes the connection to her characters so strong. The books in the Ash Park series have different narrators at times, but the main character, Edward Petrosky, is a prime example of someone who struggles with demons but still does what needs to be done for the people he loves. He is a crotchety detective who has been dealt a bad hand, but he still manages to add some wisecracks and amusing insults to make you laugh out loud while secretly thinking, “Should I be laughing at this?” As you read these books, you get sucked into Petrosky’s life as well as the lives of the rest of the cast. These books will be ones you won’t want to put down and can’t wait for the next one to come out.I can’t say enough good about this author’s approach to writing. If you are looking for something that takes you on a wild ride full of ups and downs, happy moments and truly devasting ones, as well as suspense and uncertainty, then I suggest you pick up any one of Meghan O’Flynn’s books. Even though Ash Park is a series, I feel each book could be read as a stand-alone. Also, besides her series, she has other novels that are freestanding but have the same gripping quality to them. If you read them, I can promise that you will not forget them.For more information on Meghan’s books, check out her Amazon page here.