Get the Kids and Get Moving

As summer is coming into full swing, I am getting excited for all of the upcoming races and I am trying to get my daughter involved too. She is actually going to be doing a mini obstacle course and she said she wanted to “train” for it. I have been looking up various workouts that she and I could do together and I found a couple that allows her to get exercise and “race-ready” as well as allowing me to burn a few extra calories. Now, I wouldn’t say that the below workout could replace your own, but it is still a good way to be active and do something fun with your kids.

At Home Kids’ Workout

· 10 squats
· 30 second plank (or as long as your little can do it)
· 10 jumping jacks
· 30 second wall-sit
· 10 step-ups
· 30 second jog in place
Repeat 2 to 3 times

If you wanted to make this more challenging for yourself, you could always add a kettlebell to your squats, increase your number of repetitions or time, and increase your number of rounds. But as I said before, this is something I would do with my current workout and not to replace it. It is meant to be a fun activity that will help the kids get moving and hopefully develop a passion for exercise.

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