Let’s Get Stronger Together

So, I know a lot of people are struggling with starting a workout routine, sticking with a workout routine, or maybe changing their workout routine. It is easy to fall into one of these categories when deciding how you want to stay healthy. I find that mixing things up is the best way for me to stay motivated, get stronger, and feel more excited by exercise. The below workout is another interval workout that provides cardio and strength training in one session.

Run Interval Workout

800m run
10 jump squats
20 in and out bicep curls (click here for video)
10 goblet squats with weight (click here for video)
20 triceps dips
800m run
20 jump squats
10 in and out bicep curls
20 goblet squats with weight
10 triceps dips

Repeat 2 to 3x

As with most of the workouts I do, this can be done in your own home with little to no equipment, which I think helps get rid of excuses for not working out. Also, all of these exercises can be adjusted to fit your level of fitness to make it easier or more challenging. This is the workout I chose to incorporate into my routine this week and I hope that it offers some guidance and motivation for someone else!

woman lifting two dumbells on both hands in front of mirror
Photo by Eduardo Romero on Pexels.com


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