Run This Way

Being healthy and happy is a personal goal of mine, but I think that it is probably a goal for most people. Working out can help accomplish both of those goals at once, and if anyone knows me, they know that I love multitasking! The below workout is a great way to burn extra calories with the high-intensity intervals and it is also a simple workout that doesn’t require you to think, just do.  So, I just put my headphones in and focus on my goals.  Sometimes, I need a good cardio day to really get my endorphins going and allow me to sweat it out. These days I call my maintenance days, but they are just as important as my strength training days to help me be the best version of myself.

HIIT Running Workout

Minutes:     Speed:
0-3                5.0
3-5                6.5
5-6                7.0
6-7                6.5
7-9                7.0
9-11              6.5
11-14            7.0
14-16            6.5
16-17            7.0
17-20            5.0

As with many of the workouts I do, this can be modified for any fitness level. If you aren’t to the point of running yet, you can always jog or walk even. Also, if you want to change up the dynamics, you can add an incline to focus on different muscles and create an extra burn. The main thing is to just put in the time and effort you can. Once you get in better physical shape, you can increase your speed, your time, or your incline. My goal is to beat myself each time I do a workout. I am not trying to be better than anyone but myself and I think that is important to remember. Do this for you and it will help you be healthier and happier!

an on treadmill
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